Friday, May 29, 2009

Stash Busting: Crinkle Toy and Toaster Cozy

I've been a busy bee around here. During naptimes, I've managed to sew a few more things, using only fabric and ribbons already in the stash.

Problem: Ugly-as-sin Toaster Oven

Problem Solved: a slipcover!

I also followed Joy's tutorial to make some baby crinkle toys. My little one hasn't woken up yet so I've yet to find out if he likes them.

This red and white polka dot fabric began life as a skirt. I thrifted it awhile back for the fabric. Aren't red and white polka dots the best?

I'm such a packrat. I keep ribbons off of gifts, and even though they have text on them, I incorporated them into this project. Waste not, want not, right?!


  1. I want to make some of these for Evie...Just have not gotten them done, what did you use for the crinkle..cellophane (sp?) I won the boobie looser prize in bunco tonight, it was wrapped in clear celeophane...couldn't throw it away as this is exactly what I was thinking of!

  2. Very cute!! These are going to be the next big thing!

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