Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back after a long hiatus

So several months ago I wrote one post about being pregnant. A few days later, the dreaded morning sickness kicked in and never really left. I'm now 15 weeks, and it's just now starting to subside. I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING for the longest time. We bought a crib online right away, but by the time it arrived, I was deep in the throes of nausea, so there it sits. Still in the box. I haven't purchased anything else for the baby since. I totally lost all enthusiam for the child. I've decided that I'm not even going to decorate a nursery. Me. Not doing a nursery. I love to decorate, so what the hell is wrong with me? I haven't wanted to sew either since experiencing this all-day nausea and vomiting. I thought I'd be sewing up a storm, making maternity clothes and whatnot, but nope. Just the thought of it makes me cringe. The thought of blogging made me gag. Seriously, everything that I enjoyed before getting pregnant no longer sounded fun and actually made me want to throw up. Merely logging on to this blog is a huge step forward for me! The only thing that I wanted to do was eat, sleep, and occasionally remove the fetus with a sharp object. So how motherly is that- I feel terrible that I felt that way, but sadly it's the truth. (Luckily I was able to avoid that last one because my husband would not have been pleased).

I'm just now starting to want to do things that I did before, well with the exception of sewing. I still can't even stand to look at my sewing machine. I hopefully will go to some garage sales yet this summer; as of yet, I haven't gone to a single one. I did go shopping and get some maternity clothes because I have been too fat to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes for awhile now. I measured myself yesterday, and I'm 39- 36.5- 42. Well at least my butt hasn't gotten any bigger. I think it's always been 42. The waist is definitely bigger though. I just wish I knew what I was to start with, but my guess is 34 maybe. Not really sure. People definitely are commenting on my stomach though. A sales clerk at Hobby Lobby asked me and my sister-in-law (who's pregnant too and is a trimester ahead of me) when our due dates are, and when she learned that Amy's due first, she said that she would have guessed that I was due first. What the hell?! I think she just called me fat.

So anyway, yesterday Amy, me and our men drove down to Jeffersonville to the outlets. I hate car rides because they make me nauseous, but I really do need more maternity clothes so I don't have to go to work naked. So I sucked it up and off we went. We were not pleased to find Old Navy and Gap no longer carry a maternity section at their outlets, however I did have some luck at Motherhood. I always told myself I would never shop at Motherhood or Mimi Maternity because somehow I got put on their mailing list when Jason and I were planning out wedding, and it was like they sold my soul to the devil. I was so pissed at them for the longest time. But then I walked into the store yesterday... (because I wasn't going to have wasted all that gas to get to Jeffersonville for nothing!) And there it was.... hanging up in the dressing room. A strap-on stomach. What fun that was! I tried on a cami with a sweater over it, and my gut was huge. I would like to have a strap-on stomach of my own. It makes trying on maternity clothes so much more fun!

So that's basically how I've been these past few months. I've had two doctors appointments, and the little brat is fine (and I mean "brat" in the most endearing way possible). I've been on three different prescription nausea meds, and haven't really had much luck with any of them. One night when Jason had to take me to the hospital, they gave me zofran through the IV, and THAT worked. I've been on the pill form of zofran for a couple months but it's not nearly as effective. I've tried sea bands, preggy pops... you name it, I probably tried it to no avail. In my next life, I hope I come back as a seahorse- in their species, it's the MEN who carry the babies!