Monday, June 14, 2010

Catching up and toy shopping

The end of the school year is rough when you're a band director. There's solo and ensemble contest, the concerts at the beginning of March, the concerts at the end of May, the trip to perform at Kings Island and then hang out in the park all day... There's barely enough time to spend with my husband and son, let alone blogging.

I'm pleased to announce, however, that Summer. Is. Here!

Already, I've gotten a few sewing projects finished with more ideas spinning in my head. I hemmed and elasticized the refashioned t-shirt shorts for my son. They turned out pretty big... 2T I'd say. He'll have to wear them next summer I guess. I also want to make little tool belts for each of the three boy cousins, as well as finish the one for Joel. I'm planning on appliqueing their names onto the fronts of the tool belts... won't that be cute?!

The reason I'm so driven all the sudden to sew these tool belts is because I found toys on clearance for half off at Dollar General!!! I went wild and bought about $30 worth of toys today (which would have cost me $60, of course). I bought four tool kits, one for each of the boys, for a whopping $2.50 apiece. I actually saw kiddie tool kits for 99c apiece at the Vanity Fair outlet the other day, but they were much smaller. The DG tool kits were pretty large. There's really no rush on this since the tool kits are for ages 3+, and these kiddos are currently aged 1 month - 18 months, but I like to shop ahead :) I also got Joel a large, yellow metal dumptruck for $6, a couple paint-your-own dinosaur kits for $2.50, and a shopping cart full of play food for $6. (Don't tell my husband but I think I'm going to go hit up some other DGs to see what clearance selection they have left!)

While I was out shopping, I also finally bought some countertop paint. After we painted our kitchen white, the beige countertops really stood out in a bad way. For $20, we got some rustoleum tan paint, and I began my transformation. It takes three days to dry; it's going to be difficult to not use the kitchen for the next three days, but it will be worth it!

So that's what I'm up to. What about you?