Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day Two Months Late

Working full time really puts a damper on my blogging time. Thank goodness it's almost summer vacation!!

I've been down with the crud since Saturday, and I finally allowed myself to take a sick day today. I don't have enough energy to do much, but since I can handle laying here and wiggling my fingers on the keyboard, I think I'll post some two-month old photos of my kiddoes.

The preschooler is wearing a thrifted St. Patty's Day outfit (hat, shirt, and pants).

The baby is wearing a shirt, handmade by moi, using my husband's old t-shirts and some green plaid fabric I already had on hand. Total cost: Free :)

Now go get yourself some green beer and celebrate the two month anniversary of St. Patrick's Day 2012!