Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are you sick of Baby Thrifting? Me Neither!

I'm trying to keep my mind off of the house. This house is a wreck with boxes stacked everywhere, and we can't get into our new one yet... so how about a post chock full of thrifted baby clothes?!

I love posts where I can combine my two favorite things: photographs of my son and thrifting! Woohoo! Here we go :)
Thrifted Soccer tank top, still new with tags, and 50c khaki shorts.
Notice the pretty bush in the background :)

Thrifted brown Gap Polo with adorable plaid shorts that were a gift.
Notice the cardboard box in the background... packing is good times!

I have become addicted to thrifted baby ties.
The dress pants and dress shirt were thrifted too.

59c pants with a 45c "Beep, Beep!" shirt

A rocket onesie, because my little man is as smart as a rocket scientist!

A very thrifted outfit, right down to the shoes!
I splurged a little on this sweater ($1), and he only got to wear it twice. Bummer!

Another one of my favorites! Same black dress pants, but different thrifted tie and dress shirt.

Thrifted plaid shirt, Gap jean shorts, and Champion shoes all for under $3.
Will someone please tell my husband that those jean shorts are cute and not straight out of the 80s?! He doesn't like the faded look AT ALL.

A little polo and blue shorts

We got a lot of mileage out of these 59c pants and little polka-dotted jacket :)

Well, after LeBron James left, this jersey isn't very fashionable anymore.
We can't wear it in public for fear of getting jumped by angry mobs of ex-fans.

"One MILLION dollars!" (Doesn't he look just like that guy from Austin Powers?!)

Thrifted soccer tee with handmade t-shirt pants.

50c tee with a pair of pants that were a birthday gift.

Isn't this thrifted Gap hat the absolute ca-utest?! Still new with tags!
The blue jacket was thrifted too for 50c.

My baby's first steps!
To do so in a thrifted outfit is just an added bonus!

Celebrating our independence in a thrifted tank top,
while holding thrifted flags!

Another small splurge on this tee. I saw it at the thrift store, and even though it was a whole dollar, I bought it. My husband grew up on the south side, and this tee just spoke to me :)

A cute 45c football sweatshirt, matched with Wrangler jeans for 75c.
What I loved about those jeans was their orange trim!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Packing and Moving, Blech!

So I thought I'd be around more these past couple of months since I don't work over the summers, however at the beginning of June we found a new house that we liked in the next suburb over. We put in an offer, and it was accepted! We were all set to close on July 30, however it got pushed back and we are now anxiously awaiting a phone call with a new closing date (tomorrow perhaps?!) We've been fervently painting, staging, and fixing things around the old house, as well as packing and carrying things to the first floor to make the big moving day go easier and quicker. I'm a little worried about moving in 90 degree heat and a million percent humidity. That is seriously going to suck.

I've also been out thrifting buying things both for the new house and things to stage the old house. I watch all those HGTV shows like "Designed to Sell," "Unsellables," and "Get it Sold," not to mention "House Hunters," "My First Place," "Property Virgins," etc. I know wall color should be warm and neutral. My red dining room wall probably isn't cutting it. Neither was the country wallpaper borders all over the house. Hubby and I got to work removing all the borders and repainting. Of course, paint can get expensive, and so I had a plan. We went around to just about every Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart in the city and gathered up various "Ooops" paints. In large five gallon buckets, we mixed various tans, browns, yellows, and creams and actually came up with a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. shade of butterscotch. We had ten gallons of it for about fifty or sixty bucks. We also bought some blues and some greens to mix. I found a wonderful shade of turquoise for the laundry room at the new house. I'll almost want to do laundry with a turquoise laundry room :)

I found some window treatments at the thrift store that I fell in love with. (Photos to come later once we get all these boxes out of here). We also took a trip to IKEA and found packs of two panels of sheers for five bucks! I bought three packs! They also had a duvet cover with matching pillow cases for five bucks! Don't you just L.O.V.E. IKEA?! While at IKEA we also bought some contemporary end tables for ten dollars apiece, and an awesome entertainment center for $220. That was a bit of a splurge, but we love it :)

The little one is waking up, so I better go tend to him. Hopefully the next time you hear from me, I'll be moved into a new house!