Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pregnant! And other updates

I am officially the worst blogger ever. So I haven't posted a single time this entire school year. In fact, it's been so long since I've posted, that I actually FORGOT how to log into blogger! I finally got that figured out and thought I'd give you an update because a lot has changed around here since last August! (Oh, and also let me apologize for the lack of photos in this post. One of these days, I'll get around to photographing the new house, my son's new summer haircut, etc.)

Update: a photo of my son's new summer haircut! Woohoo! (And he's in a thrifted outfit, of course)

We finally got the okay from the seller's bank to close the weekend before school started. We moved in from about 5 PM when we finished with closing until 3 or so in the morning when it wasn't so doggone hot. And then of course there was more moving on Saturday too, and then finally putting things away on Sunday, and then school started the very next day! As a teacher, I would not recommend moving the weekend before school starts. The beginning of a new school year is busy, crazy, hectic, and stressful the way it is... add moving into a new house on top of it, and I just about lost my mind!

With the housing market the way it is, we didn't ever think our old house was ever going to sell. It sat on the market for months with only one or two people ever even looking at it. Then all of the sudden in February, four families went through it in one day, one of them made an offer, and we closed in March, right before we left for vacation in Hilton Head! Woohoo! We were finally able to bring the rest of our furniture to our new house (we had left some of it there for staging), and our new house is finally becoming a home :) We put artwork up on the walls last week, so that makes me happy :)

We also got Joel's big boy bedroom painted last weekend. My baby boy is two years old and is just about ready for his big boy bed! We're going to move him into his new room as soon as school lets out so that we can start painting the "baby room" for his little brother! I probably won't post again for two more weeks until summer vacation, but hopefully then I'll have some time to show you the kids' rooms.

Wait a minute... "baby brother?" you say? I found out at the end of January that I'm pregnant again! About a month ago we found out it's another boy, which is a bit of a bummer because I always thought I'd have one of each, but on the flip side, we had good boy names picked out and never really could decide on a girl's name :)

This little peanut's name is going to be Jonas Alexander. Joel has my husband's initials (JMR), so this one will have my initials (JAR)! We decided to stick with names from our family tree, and of course they have to start with "J." That left us with either Jackson, Jonas, Josiah, or Jeremiah as our top picks. Jason really liked Jackson, and while I love that name too, it's too common right now. As a teacher, I'll probably have a dozen Jacksons in my class in about a decade. I wanted something that is a little less common, but still classic and timeless. One of my 10-great grandfathers on my mom's side was Jonas Potts. He was a Quaker who lived in Philadelphia in the 1600s. I figure a 400 year old name is pretty classic! What's also cool about this name is that if you take my husband's name, Jason, and rearrange the letters, you get Jonas :)

And there's one more reason I love the name Jonas. On my dad's side, in the late 1800s my great-great grandfather, Joseph Martin Bruhen, came from Switzerland all by himself at the age of 16 and settled in Ohio. He never saw his family again, and in fact had siblings born after he left that he never got to meet. (How sad is that?) But in the new world, Joseph prospered. He sent money home to Switzerland, and eventually he got married and had my great-grandmother, Josephine Marguerite Bruhen. Sadly, she was their only child, as their other two babies were either stillborn or died right after birth. Josephine, or "Nan" as we called her, had a daughter name Joan (pronounced JoAnn). My parents then decided to carry on the JO name even though it skipped a generation, and they named me Jodie. I wanted a name that started with the JO sound that hadn't been used in this line already. Jonas is perfect :)

I think there's a cup of coffee calling my name... it's only 6:30 in the morning. Pregnancy insomnia is at it again :)