Monday, December 29, 2008

In the Nesting Phase

Well I think the morning sickness has passed, and I am back to sewing, and hopefully, blogging about sewing. I think I'm in now what they call the "nesting" phase. I am sewing things up for baby like crazy. I made several pairs of pants for little Joel (yes, he's a boy, and his name will be Joel!). Photos will follow. I also made a little drawstring bag so he can tote around his toys with him when we hit the road, a dust ruffle for the crib and a matching baby quilt that should fit his toddler bed when he gets to that point (and a baby quilt for my brand new nephew), some iron-on transfers to some plain onesies, some fitted cradle mattress covers, and most recently am working on some felt and foam baby blocks.

The cradle we're using is an antique passed down for many generations in my family. My great-grandpa rocked in it, and my grandma thinks his dad may have rocked in it as well, so this dates back to late 1800s. Needless to say, the mattress that came with it was old and didn't meet today's standards. The mattress may have been new when my grandma was a baby, but that means the mattress is about 75 years old! I used it 30 years ago when I was born, however Joel needed something new. I had some foam that Jason had used as a boxspring before we were married (and how can I throw out good foam so of course I kept it!), so I was able to create a mattress from that. Then I sewed up four covers for it, for those times when little Joel needs his sheets changed in the middle of the night.

Here are the blocks close to being completed. All I have to do is sew the pieces of felt to each other, and they'll be done.

Here's a piece of the foam I used. Pay no mind to the cheezits in the background! (Hey, I'm pregnant!)

These are the cutest little pants I made. I made them from an old shirt of mine.

Check out the butt of those OSU pants- made from an iron-on transfer

Here are several pairs of pants that aren't done yet because I ran out of elastic. I figure I can wait until Joel is ready to wear these to put in the elastic and hem the bottoms so I can get the best fit possible. The best part is that I got these materials from our shed! I went outside and dug through the boxes of stuff we tried to sell two summers ago at a garage sale, and dragged it all back into the house to cut up and repurpose. The orange pants were an old sweater of mine that could not be felted, the plaid ones were short-sleeved shirts of mine, and the black pants were from a shirt of Jason's. The denim was from my great-grandma's stash of fabric. There was a ton of it to start with; I already re-slipcovered some cushions in the basement with it, and I still have lots left over.

Here's a tiny pair of dress pants made from the cut-off bottoms of a pair of men's slacks. They're so cute! Not perfect, but cute anyway :)

This is the drawstring bag I made. You can see the liner fabric around the little ducky's head. I used this tutorial from happythings' blog; it was really helpful and easy to follow!

Here's the exterior of the bag

Here's my old computer desk turned baby changing table, complete with handmade skirt to hide diaper storage.

Here's some pieces of decor for Joel's room. I bought a little bunny book at a thrift store very inexpensively so that I could cut it up and use the rabbit pictures. The mirror on the right was originally red and in the dining room; I painted it a soft green and decoupaged on the rabbit pictures.

Here's the toddler bed quilt for Joel... see the cute Thumper fabric in the corner

Another shot of the quilt.

Here are some onesies that I got as gifts. They were originally plain white, so I spruced them up. The first one is with a patch my friend gave me. The rest are all decorated with iron-on transfers.

More onesies with iron-on-transfers

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