Monday, January 25, 2010

Thrifted Baby Fashion Show

I thought it would be fun to have a fashion show! These are all pics of my little one wearing thrifted outfits. I'll add prices where I can, though some of these outfits I bought awhile ago and have since deleted the prices from my file.

"File?" you ask. I keep a spreadsheet of all his clothes and the prices I paid so that when I'm out thrifting, I don't overbuy in any particular size. He's wearing 9-12 months right now, but I have his wardrobe nearly fully stocked up until 3T, and some things in sizes 4 and 5 as well. This is partly because I'm a freak, and partly because I'm banking on being unemployed and poor in the near future. I don't want to have to spend money on his clothes when I'm not working, so whenever I see things for 50c or less, if we'll need it eventually, I buy it!

This sweatshirt was a quarter; the pants were a splurge at 59c. Don't laugh. It really was a splurge since my usual limit is 50c! But I love them, so I bought them :)

This coat was a garage sale find for $2. My next door neighbor's high school aged son actually came over, knocked on my door and told me that they were selling some of his baby brother's clothes and that I should come on over and take a look. Good thing he did because my husband loves the Columbus Blue Jackets, and I was able to score this great heavy winter coat! Too bad the little one hates this coat though.

I don't remember how much the short sleeved polo was, but the jeans he's wearing here were 25c. I've layered a long sleeve onesie (which was a gift) underneath the polo for much added warmth.

Joel has five pairs of jeans in size 9-12 months. Two cost 25c, two cost 75c, and one cost 50c. I have no idea which pair this is. The hockey shirt is also 9-12 months according to the tag, but he outgrew this one pretty fast. It would have been better at 6-9 months. T-3 and I found this exact same Hockey Champ shirt while out thrifting last week, this time in size 2T. She made me get it. I'm talking full-fledged arm twisting here. At least this time I know that it runs small and that we should start putting him in it around 18 months.

Here's a slightly younger Joel. I have no idea how much this outfit cost, but my guess is 50c apiece! Oh yeah, and I thrifted that toy too.

We're moving backwards in time here. "My First Golf Game" was a family hit. My husband's family (especially his grandpa who passed away earlier this month) is really into golfing. It skipped my husband's generation, but perhaps Joel will be a golfer!

I don't know how much the shirt cost, but the exersaucer was $30 on craigslist. A week or two later I found the exact same one for half the cost at a garage sale. I hate that.

This was one of my favorite summer outfits of his.

I love this little sweatshirt. He can't fit into it anymore because it's 6-9 months :(

Accessorizing with thrifted goods :) This hat matches his Cleveland Browns onesie very well. Both were thrifted.

This tee was 50c. The onesie underneath was a gift.

Monkey PJs!

More hockey themed clothing! Did I mention that my hubby is a hockey enthusiast?

I lost track of the price of the polo, but those grey cargo pants were a score at 25c.

Wearing a "SuperWhy" mask that he received for Christmas with a thrifted long sleeve shirt and pants.

This short sleeved tee was 50c. I've once again layered it with a long sleeve onesie for warmth.

A hooded sweatshirt for those cold Ohio winters!

A "Batter Up if you like Baseball" tee with an elephant on it. Makes no sense to me either. But hey, it was 50c. You've seen the pants earlier. Remember? The 59c splurge?

Ohio State! I'm a sucker for all things Buckeye. This was a steal at 45c.

Blue and brown- one of my favorite color combos!

He has three pairs of 9-12 months khakis, two were 50c and one was 25c. The shirt was a hand-me down of my brother's from 25 years ago, and I believe the tie was 30c. The tie is my absolute fav. I almost forgot about the shoes! They were a little more than I usually spend on thrifted items ($4.50), but they do fit his fat little feet well so they were worth it.
One last pic. The tank top I'm wearing here was thrifted, and the baby carrier was a $5 garage sale find. I would not have survived our summer vacation without that baby carrier, so it was money well spent!


  1. Great job! Those are some really cute clothes. Your son is adorable! I do the same thing. While i'm out sweater hunting, I am always picking up clothes for my son, me & my husband. I was happy that I was pregnant through the summer, because I was able to buy everything my son needed at garage sales.

  2. I love it! I often mentally go through what each of my boys is wearing and there are many times they are all wearing 2nd hand.....from baby markets (2nd hand gold mines) or hand me downs. The best way to shop for kids!