Monday, June 25, 2012

Operation Finished Basement: Two Toned End Tables

We've been in our new house for almost two years now.
(When does a new house stop being a new house?)

We've been slowly but surely crossing things off our to-do list. When we first moved in, we remodeled the laundry room, painted 90% of the house, recarpeted the living room, and changed out many of the lighting fixtures. Eventually we swapped out the ugly builder grade bathroom mirrors for ones with frames and painted the kitchen. Last summer we put in a patio.

This summer it's the basement!!! (Paid in full by Uncle Sam's Tax Refund Check!)

Thank goodness for large tax deductions for having our children.

We have an awesome next door neighbor who is a contractor. We hired him to do the job. While he's been toiling away in the basement, I've been getting all the decor ready. As soon as he's finished, I'm going to swoop in and get my Nake Berkus on.

Here are my two-toned end tables that I finished this week (and in case you missed it, here's the two toned furniture I did last summer). They used to be a drab wood color, but I can't complain because they were free from my ex-boyfriend's mom. At my old house, our basement had a water problem, and the bottoms of these legs got damaged. I had to use Kilz primer to block out the stain, and then I painted most of the dresser white.

I like the two tone look though, so I decided to stain the table tops in a dark cherry. I <3 how they turned out!

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