Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More tees please

I think I need to go to thrifting rehab. I swear I just can't stay away. I was perusing the newspaper the other day, and I saw a couple ads for local thrift stores and their 50% off sales. I wrote it all on the calendar, so that I wouldn't miss it!

I hit up the men's tee aisle, as well as the kid's clothes. This particular store doesn't have a wide selection of knick-knacks or homegoods; it's mostly clothes. I was able to find a package of four fitted sheet straps to keep the sheets from coming off the mattress all the time. I hate that, don't you? They were 50c :) That was the only non-clothing item that I bought.

Here are the men's t-shirts that I scored the other day. They were 50c unless noted.

Another St. Patty's tee.
I bought one last time I went thrifting too,
but I'll eventually need one in every size, right?

I'm thinking Father's Day for this one!

Do kids even know what GI Joe is anymore?

As a band director, I couldn't pass this one up, even though it was twice what I like to pay for kid clothes. It was $1. *Gasp* Breaking the bank, right?
I do hope that Joel chooses to play something other than percussion though!

This one is a Columbus Clippers tee.
Every little boy needs a special Clippers tee to wear to the games!

And here's the little twerp wearing his Clippers tee to his very first Clippers game.

Not sure what he's doing with his hand ....

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  1. What a cutie pie!! Thanks for your sweet comments about my lemonade stand, and stopping by our little ol' blog last week!! Looks like you guys are having a fun summer!