Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thrifting for Kid Clothes: Spring/Summer Edition

Last time we had the Christmas Edition...
now I bring to you, the Spring/Summer Edition!

A thrifted St. Patty's day tee (50c) and hat

50c long sleeve shirt and thrifted khakis

50c long sleeve shirt and thrifted jeans

I love, love, love his Easter outfit!
The tie was my husband's when he was little.
The shirt, khakis, and coat were all thrifted. The coat was $1.50

And here's Jonas's thrifted Easter outfit!
Somewhere along the way, he lost his orange tie.

Having fun at the zoo in a thrifted outfit!

A 50c Rawlings tank top, thrifted jean shorts,
and a thrifted Mickey sleeper for the baby

40c polo onesie

My son loves John Deere, so I bought this for $1.
On a different thrifting trip, I found these green shorts to match!

Cousins! Both the boys are wearing Joel's thrifted swim suits.
The one on the left was still new with tags! Both pairs were $1.50

This iguana tank top was a quarter;
I made the shorts with fabric that was given to me :)

$2 swimming trunks-- a splurge but I love them!

Lightning McQueen swimming trunks, new with tags

A 50c dune buggy tee with thrifted shorts.
The baby is wearing a clearance outfit from Kohls.

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  1. Doesn't matter how bad I can be feeling, I always smile when see your two little men. It brings back when my two boys were little. Oh, and the thrifted stuff is pretty good too. :)