Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cottage-y Cotton for my Cookie Cutters

I was inspired by Tabiboo to make a drawstring bag for my cookie cutters. I had them sitting in a basket on the ledge until the ant infestation a couple weeks ago. My husband went a little nuts-o with the bug spray and got it all over everything, so we had to wash all the cookie cutters and utensils that were sitting out on the counter. I finally got them washed today and was able to put them into these two cute bags. (I only meant to make one for them all to fit into, however it turned out a little smaller than I had imagined).

Thank you Tabiboo for the inspiration :)


  1. oooo cute! and probably stash busting! good job!

  2. Those are cute! Hmmmmm, giving me some more ideas here !