Friday, April 17, 2009

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

My mom hates painted wood. We've gone round and round through the past decade about it, since I love white furniture. She loves oak.

I hate oak.

If I have to have the real wood finish showing through, I like cherry or maple pretty well, and even a rustic pine is nice. But oak is just fugly.

I have wanted to paint my kitchen cupboards since moving into this house seven years ago, but was worried that if I did, I would never hear the end of it. The other day, she gave me the green light. She said that my house is twenty years old, and so I could paint the cabinets to give them a bit of an update. Woot, woot! I am so excited.

I am thinking of having a painting party, and y'all are invited. And by that I mean, how about you come over and clean and paint my cabinets?

Here's some pictures of kitchens I like. I always assumed I would go with a creamy white, but lately I've been thinking I'd like blue cabinets. My appliances are white, and the walls are faux finished with a tuscan plaster effect. I just can't decide on the paint color. What do you think?


  1. Go pick up some paint samples(not chips) in various blues, porter paint will do it for like $3.00....paint some posterboard and put them over your cabinet doors for a few days. You will get a good feel for the color & if you'd like it. I'm seriously lusting after a few of those kitchens in the photos!

  2. Blue would look very provincial with your tuscan walls. Nice. Then again it looks very modern in some of those pictures.
    I would ask how warm is your kitchen in winter? Do you get a lot of natural light? Blue can be a bit chilly if the room is already darkish and cool.
    If on the other hand your kitchen is flooded with winter sun and on the hot side in summer, blue would be perfect.

  3. Very excellent kitchen make over. Keep up the good work.