Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still Spring Cleaning

Yep, I'm still at it. I don't think the bathroom will ever get done. I'm now working on regrouting the tiles on the walls around the bathtub. It's looking pretty good but I get bored easily and keep taking breaks, so it's not going very fast. My goal is to have it done by Friday. We'll be out of town from Saturday until Monday night, so it can dry while we're away. Tuesday then we should be able to shower at home again for the first time in over two weeks!

I'm also scrubbing the grout between the tiles on the floor to make it white again. It's amazing how dark they had become and I hadn't even noticed. Up against the new white though, the dingy grey really sticks out bad!!

In the kitchen, I've got a crock pot full of venison stew cooking. My coworker's boyfriend had hunted and killed a deer, and since my hubby loves it, she gave me two steaks. I've never cooked deer meat before, so hopefully it turns out good. I figure you can't really go wrong with the crock pot. It makes the toughest cuts of meat nice and tender!

I've also started saving all my hubby's coffee grounds, and all my egg shells for the garden. I absolutely hate gardening, however to save money I just might give it a try this year. Even if I don't actually plant anything, I figure I can save these coffee grounds from going to the landfill by putting them in our soil.

The only other thing going on today was finishing up our taxes. We're getting back a few thousand, so I'm pretty happy about that. We need all the padding in the bank account we can get since my job is still up in the air for next year.

The only sewing I've done lately was to trim down the sides of Joel's Easter sleeper. I had thrifted one for him before he was even born, but it's a size 3-6 months. From what my mom had said about me as a baby, I figured he'd fit into that size at 2 months. I was wrong. It wasn't a big deal to make it a little thinner, although the arms are a little long on him. Here he is wearing it:


  1. Your little man is cuter than a bunny!
    Hope you enjoy your foray into gardening. Its quite therapeutic- fresh air and dirt under your fingernails! ;-)

  2. my parents are going to be growing 5 things this year also. They are doing zucchini, squash, cucumber, beans, and romaine lettuce. They are doing it in planters and a raised bed. It is kind of a trial for them also.

    Jeffs grandma in kentucky has a large vegetable garden and she totally does the coffee grounds and egg shells!