Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby Pics

I'm in the mood to post baby pics of my little sweet pea. Please bear with me, this will only last a moment!

The cousins, born 2 1/2 months apart. Mine is the shrimpy one!

The cousins again, after Joel had gotten a little bit bigger.


  1. Great pics; thanks for sharing and visiting my blog!

  2. AWWWW! He is such a doll! The 1st 2 photos are something, I love to see how FAST they grow at first then in spirts. Your gonna need a 2nd phone line for all the girls calling!

  3. He is just gorgeous- I can see why you want to show him off! I see the cousin has his photo pose down pat! Lovely pic of you holding him, too.

  4. Fine looking kid you got there :)
    Reminds me of my own snuggle monkey!

  5. What a beautiful baby! Thank you for visiting my blog! :-) I enjoyed all your comments!