Sunday, May 17, 2009

What to do with those Envelopes

You know, those envelopes that come with each and every bill... and since I've given up on paying the bills, those envelopes are really starting to stack up.

JUST KIDDING! I pay my bills, I promise. I just pay them all online so I don't have to use the evelopes. Also don't have to spend $$$ on stamps. Cha-ching!

Every week I grab a few of those freebie envelopes and use the blank white side to write down my grocery list. (I use one envelope per store). Then you can slip the coupons into the correct envelope, and voila, you're organized! (And if you have some double-secret-probation* coupons that you don't want other nearby shoppers to see, you can use those security envelopes with the blue or black lining!)

Now if I could just stick to my lists and to my budget...

*Sorry for the Animal House reference. I have it on the brain right now because we were talking it about it yesterday at my friend's graduation party. Toga! Toga! Toga!

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  1. You're right, lots of reinventing the wheels going on when I read other blogs. Sometimes I get a little paranoid that people might think I stole someone's idea and made it look like I came up with it. When I do actually get it from someone else, I always link. My first post on my blog about using cereal box sides for drawer organizers, I found a year later on another blog and here I was thinking I was so original! :)