Thursday, July 23, 2009

Green Thumb Thursday

When it comes to gardening, I've got two left feet. (And neither of them are green). I somehow managed to all but kill my hanging tomato plant.

Does anyone know why when I water it, the water just drains straight through the soil and lands on the plate underneath? I think that is why it's dying. It's not that I'm not watering it (though I admit that I probably don't water it as much as I should...), it's just that the water doesn't stay in the soil.

Here's my next question for you gardening gurus out there: why are my green peppers turning brown?

And other question: are Japanese long eggplants supposed to be white? Will it turn purple later, or do I have a prize-winning albino eggplant on my hands?

Finally. Something is growing normally. These two tomato plants are thriving. *Knocks on wood*

This is my Dusty Eggplant. He's purple. And tiny. Look closely- he's there.


  1. The hanging tomatos sound verrrrry dry. Water a bit at a time. Let the waters absorb. sounds like a runoff on a desert floor. just like half a cup, then another half then another half etc...might tke a few min. Just alternate the dry pots. your may have to do it 2x a day for a few to rehydrate the plants. Clear as mud?

  2. interesting about the hanging plant--the commercials acted like this was the easiest way to grow tomatoes. my hubby is great at gardening, thank god, because i'm not. :)