Friday, July 10, 2009

RIP White Pages

Finally! Columbus is doing away with the white pages (unless you ask for a copy). I am so happy. I haven't wanted phone books in eons. If you have the internet, you don't need to waste all the paper that it takes to create a phone book.
AT&T claims that they're trying to be more eco-friendly, and that coupled with the fact that many people just don't want the white pages, is why they've been allowed to discontinue the practice. On the flip side, the yellow pages which brings in buku bucks, is going ahead full steam. Hmmm. Sounds to me like AT&T just wants to quit printing the white pages because they have to pay for it and don't see any money in return. If AT&T was truly sincere, then they would quit publishing the yellow pages too for those of us who do not want it, and go 100% online.


  1. I see what you mean, it is a lot of waste each year....but what happens if your computer or internet is on the blink? This does happen. How would you find a number for someone to repair it?
    I'm still a bit skeptical of total reliance on computers. Call me old-fashioned!

  2. What a great decision. Total wast of paper.

  3. I think I'd call a relative and have them look it up on their computer if our internet went out :)