Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kids in Thrifted Clothing!

The sweatshirt was a gift, but the jeans were thrifted :) ALL his jeans are thrifted, in fact. He has 8 pairs of jeans for a total of $3. And they're all in good condition with no holes or signs of obvious wear, and are good brands like Gymboree, Old Navy, Wrangler, etc!

Here Joel is wearing a totally thrifted outfit. I sewed down the skeleton tee from a thrifted adult tee, and the thrifted orange onesie underneath goes well with it to keep him warm.

The romper Jonas is wearing here was a bit of a thrifting splurge at $1 but it sure is cute :)

Jonas's romper was a gift, but Joel is wearing a thrifted outfit. At 40c, this shirt was a steal!

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