Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thrifted Candlesticks on the Mantel

I'm addicted to pinterest, people. It's like inspiration central on that website. When I decided to decorate my mantel for the holidays, pinterest is the first place I visited for ideas. (Actually it was the only place I visited)! This one from Pottery Barn is one of my favs. I love all the candlesticks of varied heights.

Unfortunately, I did not have any pretty white candlesticks for the mantel. Scratch that. Fortunately I didn't have any candlesticks because that meant I got to take a thrifting trip to hunt for some :) I found five candlesticks, three of which were brass or painted gold, one was black, and one was hideous 70s wood. Nothing a coat of spray paint can't fix. I wish I had taken before photos because it really was quite the transformation.

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