Monday, November 21, 2011

Menu Planning Monday: birthday week

So I haven't really menu planned for a long time. I've been pregnant for what seems like forever, and when I'm pregnant, I don't cook. When I want something, I want it now, and there's no time for cooking. Then after the baby was born, I started cooking again, but it was more like popping a ready-made frozen lasagna in the oven.

I think I'm ready to regularly start cooking from scratch again. I can do this. It's a short week, right? I really only have to cook and menu plan for five days, since Sunday is already over, and Thursday for Thanksgiving we'll be at my husband's family's house. My parents are coming over Friday and staying for the weekend, and my mom is a diabetic who is also on a low sodium diet. That greatly impacts what I'll be making for the weekend. I found a website, Dashing Dish, that specializes in light recipes, so I'm going to make some things off there that my mom can eat. Also, did I mention that this Saturday is my husband's 32nd birthday? Ok, here we go.

Monday/Tuesday: burgers and brats! Both the burgers and the hamburger buns and the bratwurst buns were marked down for quick sale. Too bad the brats weren't though! Side dishes will be blueberry muffins and pasta salad (don't get too excited; they're from a box!)

Wednesday: stir fry. A can of stir fry veges was marked down for quick sale, plus I have a bag of frozen stir fry veges in the freezer. I also have several bags of asian style noodles on hand already.

Friday: Low Carb Ground Turkey Lasagna, complete with low sodium, homemade spaghetti sauce, since my mom can't eat jarred spaghetti sauce due to its high sodium content. This will be a real treat for her, because come on who has time to make their own spaghetti sauce?

Saturday: For breakfast, crustless quiche in a cup, leftovers for lunch, and for dinner, we'll surely go out for my hubby's birthday. I will be making these awesome turkey leg and mashed potato cupcakes for his birthday :)

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