Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pregnancy, Nesting, and Sewing

I'm almost 36 weeks! Hooray for making it to the under-a-month mark until my due date! I was reading an old post from Sep. where I had measured myself and posted it. I measured myself a couple weeks ago, and at that point I was 41-43-45. I measured myself again yesterday, and I was 42-47-46. How depressing is that? Last week I tipped the scales at 204 pounds. Eek.

Anyway, I've been busy at work sewing this past week. I made some beanbags and heating pads from scrap fabric and leftover feed corn that I had in the garage. I am going to make a tic-tac-toe mat for Joel to play with the beanbags. I'm simply sewing large nine patches together, separated with strips of black fabric in between to make the tic tac toe lines. I wasn't sure how the heating pad would work, but I microwaved it for two minutes, and it stayed hot for quite a while. It's coming in handy with all the aches and pains this pregnant body has been having! Just remember when making it to use 100% cotton. I was able to repurpose an old green shirt of mine that no longer fits to make a heating pad for the neck, and some thrifted curtains to make a rectangular one for my knees, back, etc. I also will be making my friend one whose birthday is coming up this week. I'll probably work on that tomorrow since I just found out we're having a snow day, so no work for me!

Corn for the stuffing

The finished product

Over the weekend I also created a memory game for Joel using iron-on transfer paper, white cotton from the above repurposed curtains, and some scrap blue and white fabric for the backing. I'm not totally happy with how this turned out, however Joel will be young and won't notice the imperfections! This task was a pain in the butt, by the way. If I had known how much of a pain it was, I wouldn't have made so many pieces. Jason's family is huge, and I made one (well two actually) for each person in his family and mine until I ran out of iron-on transfer paper. I still have three more people to go, so six more tiles to create. When completed, there will 38 tiles. We'll have to pull out only a few family members at a time because Joel would never be able to handle 38 tiles as a little tot. I should have just done Mommy, Daddy, the four grandparents, and the two great-grandmas. That would have been 16 tiles and would have been much more doable! I'm also not thrilled with how the colors came out. Maybe it's my printer, but most of them turned out very bland :(

The great-grandmas

Jason, his sister, and parents

My parents and me

Five of the nine pieces for the tic tac toe mat.

I love me a good Spam Fabric! If this doesn't say "class," I don't know what does!

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