Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Thrifting

You couldn't expect me to blog this morning for over an hour about my thrifting history, and not get the itch to go today, did you?

So I made quite a haul today! I took the thrifting tour around town and went to some that are a little further out for me. I picked up several different fabrics ranging from 50c to $2, depending on the yardage. I plan on making pants or something for Joel when he's older. Three of the fabrics will make good PJs, and the other three could be pants, shirts, or whatever else my little heart desires. When I told T-3 that I had bought more fabric, she exclaimed, "What?! I thought you were trying to use up what you already have!" Yes, that is true T-3, however in my four bursting-with-fabric totes, I have very little in the way of boy fabric. I needed to pick some things up for Joel, you see?

The snowmen are a flannel pillowcase, and the cute bear fabric is a baby blanket.

The trucks are a sheet, the moon/stars are a piece of uncut fabric, the sporty fabric and the Renaissance fabric are both curtains. I also saw today a little wooden shield painted in the Renaissance style. If only I had picked that up too, Joel could have a little cute Halloween costume. Not a biggie though, it couldn't be simpler to make with my jigsaw, a piece of wood, and some paint!

Some of the above finds include a brand new "Cowboy" wall hook; I debated whether to get this or not because they wanted five bucks for it, and one of the wall hooks is missing it's wooden top piece, but I went ahead and got it since I am planning on doing Joel's room (post-nursery) in a western theme. I can fix the hook with a piece of wood, a drill, and some LocTite. I also found this brand new Chutes and Ladders Game, still in the shrink wrap packaging. I was excited about this one, but they wanted $4. Kind of high for thrifting, but I bought it anyway. I also found a frame to go with the "Guess How Much I Love You" poster I found the other day. I was a little bummed that the frame was almost $3, however I sucked it up and got it because I was struggling to find one. It's currently black which does not go with the nursery, so I will be painting it before installing it in Joel's room. Finally, I got two packs of Cute "Gobble, Gobble" Thanksgiving napkins, obviously brand new in the packaging, because who would actually buy used paper napkins?!

I also found this sweet little plastic bowl and plate set for $1.20. I "heart" bunnies.

Other things I found not photographed include: a cute birthday card for 50c, a book for my classroom for 50c, and a brand-new-in-the-package queen sized batting.

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