Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cookie Monster Extravaganza

Tonight was a fun filled evening with friends! We ate out at a Mexican restaurant, and had these little lovelies for dessert:

They were actually pretty easy to make. They're Pina Colada flavored... Mmmmm! That's the closest thing this pregnant lady has come to an alcoholic beverage in eons! It's simply a yellow cake mix, about half a 20 oz. can of pineapple with juice, a splash of rum, and two eggs. Mix and bake for just shy of 20 minutes at 375. I then used food coloring to dye the coconut blue. I iced the cupcakes and rolled the tops in the blue coconut. I then piped white icing for the eyes, placed an upside-down chocolate chip in each eyeball, and then a cookie in the mouth. Yum!

Here's T-3 opening her crafted gift from me. Too bad I didn't get a shot of the other Cookie Monster items. The wrapping paper was a Sesame Street design, and I also bought her a little notepad on Etsy that featured cookie monster on the front. I did get her a couple non-Cookie Monster themed items too. I bought her a dress pattern that was a remake of a 1949 dress. She's into costumes so I thought she'd enjoy it. And lastly, I sewed up one of these babies:

It's filled with corn and is a microwavable heating pad. I upcycled an OSU bandana for the front, and some linen pants that I had thrifted awhile ago for the back.

Happy Birthday T-3!

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