Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rainy Thrifting Expedition

Well hubby has to work on Saturdays, so I figured I'd head out to a couple thrift stores to look for something specific (which of course I didn't find). I want to melt down old crayons and make new ones in either a heart shape or Christmas tree shape, so I was looking for a silicone pan that one would ordinarily bake muffins in, with either of those shapes (or some other cool shape should I run across one). But three thrift stores later, and no luck. I did however, find some great things today!

Things not really worthy of photographing include baby hangers (twenty for 1.80), new-in-the-package Baby's Arrival cards (eight for 50c) and Baby Shower thank you cards (eight for 50c), new-in-the-package toy boats for toddler bathtime for 50c, a firetruck sippy cup for 30c, two Gerber bottle nipples new-in-the-package for 60c, and a new-in-the-package flag pole holder (which I've been meaning to buy for weeks now) for 90c. I got a "Baby Boy" flag, new-in-the-package, a few weeks ago for two dollars when I was out thrifting with buddy Tiara, and now all I need is the flag pole!

Now for the items that are photo-worthy: (1) a drapery panel of a really cute western theme for $2. I probably won't use it as drapes, but instead I'll most likely cut it apart for the fabric and make some pillowcases or something out of them for Joel when he outgrows his crib. I hope he likes the western theme because that's what he's going to get. I've already picked up a few other things in the past in the western theme, including a smaller piece of fabric and a horseshoe picture frame. (2) Twelve nose pencil sharpeners, new in the package, for the kids at school. I think middle school kids will get a kick out of them. You stick your pencil up the nose hole and into the sharpener part- ingenious! (3) the best find of the day- several bags of vintage sewing items! They had FOUR BAGS of vintage zippers, still in the original packaging, albeit very old packaging. I decided to just take one bag, and it has at least twenty different zippers in it, of all colors and lengths ($1.50). I also grabbed a bag of vintage double-sided bias tapes, still in the vintage packaging, also for $1.50, and a bag of various sewing goodies like elastic (new), needles, half of a mason jar full of BUTTONS, a seam ripper, an old sewing ruler which had a four-digit telephone number on it (how cool is that?), a vintage thimble still in the original packaging, and a wooden spool of thread. Yes, and it was just a buck fifty! Score!

Ok so this stuff is photo worthy, but I am not going to photograph them right now... sorry!

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