Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things I Want!

The weather sucks here! I guess I shouldn't complain because at least I live in Ohio where the wind chill is only supposed to reach negative twenty or thirty... some places it's negative forty or fifty! Hubby's two-year-old car wouldn't even start this morning; luckily I have a four day weekend and so I didn't need my car. I won't be going anywhere anyway since the temp is currently -11, and that's not even taking into account the windchill! I do need to go to the grocery because we need chicken, however I think that can wait!

Anyway, I'm holed up crafting, sewing, and reading blogs for inspiration. So here are some things that I absolutely have to either have or make:

Joel would absolutely love this.

Upcycle your magazines and turn them into gift bows: ingenius! Unfortunately, I don't have any of the brads on hand that you need to make them, and I also have a plethora of gift bows already because I scavenge for them at Christmas and save them all.

I think I'll make these bows when I need a color of bow that I don't already have tons of... I could make some teal and purple ones to go with a wrapping paper I have :)

So what do you do with all those floppy disks so common in the 1990s? Make a handy dandy place to keep your pencils, paper clips, rubber bands, or whatever!

Hey, I have this mirror! It came from Ikea years ago.

Unfortunately, I just redid mine a few weeks ago for the nursery. I painted it green and decoupaged it with rabbit pictures from a thrifted children's book. It turned out cool, but now I have to wait to make this awesome mosaic mirror! Well that's okay because I am sure I don't have enough cards yet to make it anyway. I'll save up and then make it when Joel is too old for cutesy bunny mirrors.

Here's a great way to upcycle vintage yardsticks!

Ok, so Christmas is over. And actually, I'm usually not all that into CD crafts. I liked the idea a colleague of mine had when she hung them around the perimeter of a bulletin board in her classroom. Since I'm a music teacher, that would be a good one for me to do! However, I really like this idea that she came up with! I could totally see many of them strung together to hang over the fireplace.

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