Sunday, February 1, 2009


Every time I think I have a "new" idea, I google it just to see if anyone's ever done it before, and alas, there's always someone who's already blogged about it. Drats. For example, a few weeks ago I was figuring out which Advent Calendar I wanted to make. I found this tutorial on how to make mini stocking Christmas tree ornaments, and I had the "aha!" moment. I could just see 24 little stockings hanging on the tree with the numbers hand embroidered on them. I kept reading the blog and come to find out that she said that these stockings would make a great Advent Calendar.

And then today... I saw these adorable little puppets which looked to me just like stuffed animals. I then had another lightbulb-going-off-above-my-head kind of moment. Aha! I have a plethora of stuffed animals (and when I say plethora, I mean I could line them up end to end, and they would likely stretch to the moon and back.) I could just open up the seam at the bottom, remove some stuffing, and make hand puppets out of them. So I googled it just to see if anyone's ever done that before, and yes, sure enough, I found this and this within five seconds of looking. Oh well. I guess I am not all that original, however I still want to make some puppets for Joel! I had been making those paper mache puppets, however mine aren't turning out too well. I think I might abandon that project. Drats! Don't you hate it when you envision something, and it just doesn't turn out right?!

I had another one of those moments this evening when trying to make an ironing board cover. It came out about two inches too short so it didn't fit. Drats. I didn't have the strength to try again, so I put the old one back on. At least the padding I made for it was okay. I can deal with the dingy blue cover I guess

You know what else made me say "drats" today? Let me tell you a quick story: I decided to paint a few things the same light green as several items in the nursery. I already painted the dresser, the toy box, a mirror, a mini bookshelf, and a picture frame for the "Guess How Much I Love You" poster I bought the other day. I still have a little paint left, so I figured I'd paint a little wooden ball to fit onto the "Cowboy" wall hooks that was missing a piece, as well as a little wooden shelf thingie that my husband's Grandma got me for Christmas. Actually, I'm sure what she was going for was the toiletries that came inside said wooden shelf thingie, but after I took out the toiletries, I couldn't throw the packaging away! It's made of real wood so I decided I could use it in the nursery to hold Desitin and whatnot.

I do my painting in the dining room because that's the only flat surface I have on which to paint. I had some newspapers sprawled out to protect the table, and during lunch today, I began reading that newspaper (dated December 21). Who has time to read the newspaper just days before Christmas? Not this gal! I don't even get the newspaper because I don't like the waste, but my parents were in town and my dad bought the paper. Anyway, I was reading this section on all the different ways one could donate their time, and I said to myself, "Drats!" because I had missed it. Um, by over a month. They were calling on people to bake cookies and deliver them to the hospital, wrap gifts for needy families, etc., but then I saw one that really stuck out to me. They needed volunteers to wrap and send out books-on-tape that incarcerated parents read and recorded for their children. I thought that was a really neat idea, and made me say, "Double Drats!" I would like to start a tradition that every year we do some kind of volunteering over the holidays, and that would have been a good one!

On a more positive note, here are some pics of the freshly painted green stuff for the nursery:

This little bookshelf was my hubby's when he was little. It originally had been decorated with Noah's Ark characters, however all but one was ripped off; it was in an overall sorry state. I spruced it up with paint and these little wooden squares I got at Joanns on clearance for fifty cents. I'm not sure I like it because I think it looks a little busy, but oh well.

This is just a first coat, so it's not done yet. But you can see why I couldn't throw it out!

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