Sunday, February 8, 2009

Magnets from Dollar Store Glass Gems

I've seen these all over the internet: these adorable little magnets! I decided I wanted to make some of my own. I scoured magazines and cut out little pictures that made me think of someone. Pictures I've cut out range from vintage cowboys to music notes to cats to toilets. Yes, my friends, you heard me right.

I have a sick sense of humor. This little guy is going to my brother, John, for Christmas. You see, when I was little I used to tease him because his name means "toilet."

The first one I found was the plunger. I thought it was funny but didn't know if I'd end up using it or not. I cut it out and sat it in the pile. A little while later, I ran across the picture of the toilet, and I couldn't believe my good fortune! And then a little later, I found the word, "toilets." At that moment, I knew my brother was going to be a lucky man at Christmas.

After I found enough pictures, I traced each gem onto the picture, and then cut it out, just inside of the traced line. I used a little Uhu glue on the front of the picture, then pushed the gem onto the picture. I pressed hard to get as many air bubbles out as I could. I have not actually attached the magnets yet, however I have about ten freebie magnets that came with pizza places, doctors offices, etc. that I plan on cutting up and using hot glue to attach it to the back. Hopefully that works out.

The gems were not perfect to begin with, and I suck at photography, so please keep that in mind as you look at these photos. I just can't seem to do them justice.

These are for my parents who love Hilton Head, SC.

Cute little people at a party

I love this cat.

A treble clef for yours truly, the music teacher.

More music teacher-y stuff

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  1. This is a fantastic project. I am looking forward to trying it myself.