Thursday, February 12, 2009

Netflix Oragami.... Who'd a-thunk it?

Ok, so hubby finally came around on the whole let's-make-our-valentines-day-gifts-so-we-can-save-money conversation. I think he read my blog post the other day and had a change of heart.

So now that it's a green light, I've been online looking for little free ideas for Valentines Day. I found Netflix Oragami. Yes, folks, make oragami from your discarded netflix envelopes. Perfect for V-day because of their red color!

I'm glad hubby finally agreed to do a free Valentines Day, because I would have felt like a total cheap-skate having this conversation with him on Saturday:

Hubby: Happy Valentines Day, sweetheart. Because I love you so much, I got you this beautiful diamond tennis bracelet.

Me: Oh, it's beautiful! Gee, you shouldn't have.... here's your present. I dug out the old netflix envelopes from the recycle bin and made you some paper hearts. It was either the heart or this runt pony [What the hell is a runt pony?] I actually thought about making you this crab too but then I figured you didn't really want to get crabs for Valentines Day.

Um, yeah.

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  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. The Buckeye coffee cozy was a great success. I love your site and added it to my google reader. Love the netflix origami. I always feel so guilty throwing them in the recycle bin. :)