Thursday, February 19, 2009

Find your style with this quiz

Today I saw a link from How About Orange's blog to On Sproost, you can take a quiz to see what your decorating style is. I'm 45% Nantucket Style, 27% Mountain Lodge Style, and 28% Traditional Country. That sounds about right!

1 comment:

  1. Spot on for me! My results are:

    50% Traditional Country
    43% Classic
    7% Hollywood Couture (not even sure what that is but the other two are no surprise)

    The description is me to a "T"

    "Even if your backyard isn't acres of farmland and you don't actually have a cow out in the barn, your house sure brings you back to a time when that was the case for many.

    You love spaces that feel casual and lived in. Furniture is practical and comfortable, and yet at the same time its very stylish. The best part of country style is how much it highlights collection and found objects. Antiques here, garage sale finds there and Aunt Milly's hand-me-downs throughout. Unique items that used to serve very practical purposes are now on display, and their history seems to permeate the home. Each space in the home seems to invite friends and family to come in and stay a while. There is a true sense of home felt throughout."