Friday, February 6, 2009

Dreaming about thrifting

Good morning! I've been up since 3:30 AM with some killer knee pain. This has happened every night this week! I wake up in the middle of the night, and then I'm up for a couple hours before finally being able to get back to sleep. But then I have to wake up at 6:45 to go to work. Argh. At least the doctor gave me some good news on Tuesday... I am dilated 3 cm, and she will induce me six days early, which falls on Feb 20. She's working at the hospital all that day, so I will have her there to deliver the baby as long as Joel doesn't come sooner on his own. I've been losing my mucus plug over the past two days, so it could be anywhere from hours to days to still a couple weeks yet!

The ultrasound revealed that Joel is in the 95th percentile for size, weighing in at a lofty 7lb 14 oz. Although the doc said that the ultrasound machine tends to estimate a little high, and he's probably more like 7 1/2 pounds right now. His head was measuring a week bigger than dates, however his abdomen was measuring at 42 freaking weeks already! Um, does Joel realize that at the time, he was 36w, 5d? That's about 5 weeks bigger than he should be. The doctor called him a "buddha baby." The other doctor said he was going to come out asking for car keys! Go ahead and laugh now; it's all funny until that has to come out of me. And keep in mind that by then, this child will be two weeks bigger, so we're talking a 44 week abdomen rather than 42 week abdomen! Good times.

I feel like a fat hog. People keep asking me if I'm sure it's not twins. I'm know they all mean well, but damn, why don't you just call me a huge fattie and get it over with! Although yesterday, for the first time, I did hear several nice comments. 1) A teacher exclaimed that I look so cute! (Um, if you're into beached whales, I guess). 2) A student told me that from behind I don't even look pregnant. I could have kissed her. 3) And then later that night, a coworker who I very, very rarely see told me that I'm all baby, and the only place I've really gained weight is in the stomach so I'll be wearing my old pants in no time. I seriously doubt that, but it was nice to hear! The best one though was from the student because students don't say things to be nice. They don't understand that yet- they just speak their mind. Like when I got my hair cut, and several told me how they liked it better longggggggggg, and whyyyyyyyyyyyyy did I have to cut it?!?! Because it's my hair, and it's on my body, so I get to make the decisions. That's why.

Anyway.... So this morning I awoke after having a dream about going to the thrift store near T-3's place. It's not a very big one in real life, but in my dream they had expanded it into the shop next door, and it was huge! It had aisles and aisles of stuff, and even a live plant section! I guess I have the itch. I haven't gone in almost a week, so perhaps I will go Saturday while the hubby works. Not that I need to spend the money, however I could use some pants to wear for the next two weeks. I only really fit into my black pair of maternity pants; my stomach hangs out of all the others because they're not full panel. I really don't want to spend a couple bucks on something I am going to wear for two weeks at the most, however I can't go to work naked! Oh well, I'll probably just keep plugging away with the couple pairs of pants I do have; the kids will just have to deal with my stomach hanging out.

Speaking of thrift stores, you know what else I've been thinking about? Why do Australians call them "op shops?" I think that's a handy dandy name, but what is "op" short for, if anything? Opportunity? Operation? Opposum? Opera? Oprah? Opalescent? Opaque? Openhearted? Opinion? Hmmm.... see why I just can't sleep at night, when I have such burning questions?!

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  1. First guess was correct- op is for opportunity. I'm not sure exactly where the expression came from. Also affectionately known as 'the oppy', as in "Thanks, I got it from the oppy".
    Both my boys were named before their birth, and one had a big head (big heads run in my family; we have terrible trouble finding hats) Best wishes as you welcome the little man into the world and get to put a face to the name!