Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't cry over spilled expressed breast milk

Phew, breast feeding is time consuming. I think we're settling into a routine now though, which is nice. I pump and bottle it since he doesn't latch on very well; we share the responsibility of feeding expressed breast milk to Joel. Although Joel somehow got the impression that daddy is the milk-maker of the family... He always roots around looking for the nipple when Jason is holding him but for some reason doesn't do it to me as much.

So yesterday I was pumping again, and afterwards I just let the bottles sit on the couch for a bit before getting up to put them in the fridge. I am so sore and getting up off the couch can be quite a chore. (I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!) Eventually Jason walked over and noticed that one of the bottles had slowly leaked all over the couch. Eek! My liquid gold! All. Over. The. Couch. Jason didn't seem to think it was that big of a deal. I'll make more anyway, right? But I was absolutely horrified! My hard work, wasted!

Something else about breast feeding that I find intriguing is that milk sprays out of many holes. I had read that online a few months ago, but that was news to me! I had just assumed there was one hole. I think it's neat to watch the milk spray out into the bottles. I'm so glad that the pump is clear so I can watch. It's not nearly as gratifying when Joel is latched on because I can't see the milk come spraying out. Am I weird, or does/did anyone else feel that way too? Shouldn't I be feeling gratification when Joel does latch on rather than feeling slightly bummed that I can't see the milk spray out?

Ugh, Joel needs a diaper change. It's going to be a gross one from the sound of it. *Gulp*


  1. You are so hilarious! I can't get over how you word things sometimes. That sure do put a smile on my face :) Like daddy being the milk-maker of the family... don't they have those fake breasts that you can fill for men to wear and breastfeed, haha? And the "gulp" after the idea of the present diaper change is just priceless :P

  2. The milk spray is quite intriguing. You are not alone. I literally cried over spilled milk when I poured one of the breast milk baggies into a bottle only to realize it was outside the opening leaving a milk covered counter. Lactating is amazing so bask in the glory of your milk making abilities :)