Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh Little Lotus Bowl

Oh little lotus bowl,
How beautiful are thee.
I'd love to purchase you right now
And take you home with me.

My eye caught you on e-bay
You only cost a buck.
And then I saw the shipping
and I exclaimed "WTF?!"

Forty nine dollars for shipping?! Did I read that right? Seriously. Um, I'll pass. But if you have fifty dollars to spend on this little beauty, her item number is 260373793212. I'll take my chances with a thrift store. With fifty dollars, I would expect to be able to buy one hundred lotus bowls.

I certainly don't need any more dishes, especially not smallish ones, however I really want a set of lotus bowls. We tend to be what you call "pigs" in my house, so small bowls are a waste. Small bowls mean we have go back to fill up on cereal (or um, ice cream) ten times because we can't fit enough in.

But lotus bowls are so cute.

I was wondering why they're called lotus bowls, so I looked them up in Merriam Webster. This is what I found:

Lotus: a fruit eaten by lotus-eaters

Um, okay. Is that like a banana: a fruit eaten by banana eaters? And a kiwi is a fruit eaten by kiwi eaters? Isn't there a rule that says you're not allowed to use the word that is being defined in its own definition? I'm pretty sure my middle school language arts teacher beat that into us. Tisk, tisk, Merriam Webster.

Actually, the definition continues to say that ingesting lotuses cause indolence and dreamy contentment. I guess I've got to get me some of those. "Dreamy contentment" sounds kind of nice when I have a three-week old screaming bloody murder. I wonder if I can grind up some of the petals and slip some in his milk? Probably not.


  1. Hey, If it works, let us know! Erika would love the info for Evelyn LOL!

  2. Dreamy contentment sounds good to me! I won't tell anyone about the lotus slip, if you don't. haha And actually I hear whiskey works too! :)