Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Stash & Saving Some Cash

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been on a rhyming thing lately. Please excuse any corny poetry that may happen to come your way.

So yesterday was a big day. T-3 and I went out to Gap and Old Navy for “Friends and Family” day, and we each spent a whopping $1.50. I bought a Christmas onesie for Joel. She bought some undies. (Maybe she didn’t want me to announce that?)

Then we went to a thrift store in the ghetto. I guess the best thrift stores are in the ghetto because they had some killer prices on baby clothes. Not-so-much on some of the other things though. Like, get this, men’s ties were going for about four dollars. They must have been smoking crack to think someone is going to shell out four big ones for a used tie (Yes, George Washingtons are “big ones” in my book).

I got eleven items of clothing for Joel for under $6.05 plus tax. I won’t bother you with more pictures because, really, once you see some baby boy clothes, you’ve seen them all. I did get a really cute Brutus Buckeye onesie and a Cleveland Browns turtleneck onesie that I should have photographed but didn’t. Village Discount Outlet, the thrift store we visited today, is my new fav. Yes, it may be in the ‘hood. Yes, I’ll probably get lost trying to find it again. Yes, I was just a bit afraid for my life. And yes, the second we walked in the door, some woman was screaming and cussing up a storm because someone stole her purse, but their prices were so cheap. I told my husband, “I know I’ve hit rock bottom when I pass on pieces of clothes for ninety cents because I think I could do better.” Seriously. There were some things I put back that were under a dollar because I thought they were too expensive. I mean, compared with the long sleeve shirt I got Joel that was only twenty cents, can you blame me?

Here’s two photos. First up, some thank you’s for Joel’s first birthday (90c) and another t-shirt (25c) that’s going to become kiddie-pants. I found them at the thrift store when out with my husband.

Yep, we went to three thrift stores together. I have never been so in love with the man. At the High Street Salvation Army, all winter clothes were 75% off, as were all pink tags (the above t-shirt was a pink-tagged item). I didn’t even look for wool sweaters because I know once I started, I wouldn’t be able to stop. He was showing signs of boredom, although I’ll give him credit, he doesn’t whine or complain or drag me out by the hair. I just might have to go back tomorrow though because I really want to find some wool for felting.

And now, this week’s puny little Sunday stash: two items I thrifted today (99c for the polka dots, and 15c for the surf-board-looking one The latter was 75% off. Sweet!). I certainly don’t need to keep adding to my stash, however isn’t that what all sewers do? It’s a sickness really. Use what you have?! *scoffs*

Speaking of sickness and fabrics, did you know that there is an actual phobia of fabrics? Textophobia is “An abnormal, persistent fear of some textiles/fabrics.” Textophobia sounds more like a fear of high school students using their cell phones to write messages to their friends while in class, at the mall, and driving their cars.

But truly, I think I have textophobia. I am fearful of some fabrics, aren’t you? Isn’t there just some fabrics that you hate to sew? You find them downright scary? You have nightmares about their slipperiness or their thickness? You hate to spend money on them because you know when you get it under the needle, you’re just going to screw up royally and either waste money, or waste time while you rip out seam after seam, or both. No? Oh, it must just be me then.


  1. I have some t-shirts I'm using for summer shorts and Jammie bottoms for Isaiah. If the shirts are in really good shape, you could just cut them down to make baby t shirts. I've dont that for Isaiah, usede the sleeves & ribbing etc. Love the surf board print!

  2. I don't mind that you announce I bought a pair of undies for 1.50, but I think I agree with you about something.... It was a THONG, and it uses alot less fabric then regular undies so why isn't cheaper? Like what you were saying before... I think if it isn't too complicated in design, made out of expensive fabric, and uses less fabric, then it should be a whole lot cheaper! I don't mind spending 2$ a piece but stores want you to pay 3-8$ a piece for a thong... I mean come on!

    I know I contemplated spending more yesterday, but I just get so frustrated with not getting good quality and wonder if I break down and spend more, will I get it?