Friday, March 6, 2009

Warmer Weather Brings Thrifted Treasures

That title has a bit of a poetic ring to it, don't you think?

Joel likes car rides, thank heavens. His incessant screaming can be calmed by getting settled in his carseat and taking a little thrifting trip. He doesn't make a peep while we're in the car or while we're in the stores. Even at not-quite-three-weeks, he knows that thrifting is a good thing and is able to drift off to a peaceful sleep knowing that Mommy is saving money :)

I was still on the hunt for a white sheet to use as a back drop for photography, and so off we went. I hadn't posted anything yet about Wednesday's finds, but I did find one white sheet for a whopping quarter (remember I need two though!). It was a buck but it was 75% off. Cha-ching! I also found a few more children's books (including one on composer Verdi), and four greeting cards for a quarter each. I've been on a roll with the cards lately, haven't I? One of the cards I found is a belated birthday card for someday when I forget someone's birthday. I may have to forget someone's birthday on purpose just so I can send them this card! We all know I'm perfect so I wouldn't forget a birthday accidentally! Ahem. But this card was too cute to pass up. It has a sheep on the front that says, "I'm feeling sheepish," and on the inside it says, "Because I forgot your birthday. Wool you forgive me?" Adorable, I tell you.

I still needed another sheet for my photograph project, so off we went into the thrifting wild blue yonder. I did find something that fits the bill, however it wasn't a sheet; it was a plain white fabric shower curtain with grommets at the top. It was 75% off too, and it cost me 75c. I, of course, walked away with some other goodies which I have photographed below. (Also, not photographed is some fabric I found. You'll have to wait until Sunday Stash time to see it. Stay tuned...)

You can see the "3" I found the other day. I'm really glad I found that! It makes me happy.

Here's a close-up of one of the cards I found for a quarter. I love the row of buttons along the bottom edge :) No surprise that I have little boys on the brain, huh? Do I know of anyone who's having a little boy? Nope. But surely someday I will!

Here are the plastic dishes that I got Joel (50c each) and a changing pad (also 50c) for when we're on the road, and we need to change a diaper. Just a sidenote: I think it's cute that people from other countries (Britain, Australia, or both?) call diapers "Nappies." It's funny because in the US, "nappy" is an adjective. And a not-very-nice-one at that. If someone calls you "nappy," you've just been dissed.

Some things for Joel's future toddler room. This little nightlight ($1.91) goes perfectly with Jason's childhood sheriff badge collection! I was also very excited to find this little plastic plate (90c). I can't decide if Joel will actually eat off of it, or if it will be a piece of artwork in his room. Nothing screams "little boy" like a hanging plate collection. No?

And last but not least, more baptism invitations (50c) because I realized I did not have enough, some stackable blocks that won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio "Best Toy Award" (90c) and some goodie bags for Joel's first birthday (50c). I realize the goodie bags aren't very "green," and that I could have made some out of things from around the house, however their cuteness caused my judgement to be temporarily compromised. Don't make me feel worse about it than I already do! Cut me some slack! A girl makes mistakes sometimes. Sheesh.

A close-up of the blocks. Roses are red, Violets are Blue. Blueberries are sweet, and so are you!


  1. ahhh the bags are green enough, you bought them in a thift shop so you are recycling thats green!

  2. Wow, great finds! I went out Friday and found a few sweaters to reclaim, and another $1.00 flannel sheet for diapers. We have so few thrift stores that you almost have to live in one to catch stellar finds, but I LOVE freecycle!

  3. I vote awesome on the cowboy/sheriff stuff that you found for his room later :) Also yeah, for finding white sheets/shower curtains so you can take pics at home now!