Sunday, March 15, 2009

Something smells fishy

After a thorough search, I think I’ve found where that fish smell is emanating from. I found some leftover fish scraps in the dining room.

No, not that kind of fish scraps! Leftover scraps of fabric from a little fish bib I sewed today!

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do with these fishy scraps? I thought I could sew them together into a small (teeny, tiny) pillow although I really don't need any more softies in this house. Joel's room already looks like a stuffed animal factory vomited all over the place.

Here's the finished bib. It started out as a thrifted towel. I was able to make both the front and back sides from the towel; no additional fabric was necessary. The end product is kind of wonky because of the particular stitch that I used when topstitching. Live and learn, I guess! At least I got to experiment with a new stitch on my sewing machine :)


  1. You could cut the fish section out in a square and use it to make one of those piece quilt things you were talking about before. You could also use them to trim the edge of a sleeve, a leg or hem, etc....

  2. Or applique them onto a towel or face-cloth.

  3. I agree with T 3, save the scraps for repurposing a pair of pants or shirt, they would look cute appliqued on a garment