Friday, March 13, 2009

My Knight in Shining, Second-Hand Armor

Thank goodness for Salvation Army’s half-off-all-clothes-except-the-blue-tags day! I went to two SA’s, and the first one (which was a little further out) definitely had some good deals. Most of the men’s tee-shirts were originally 99c, and a couple actually were only 49c, so with the half-off on top of that… well you can do the math!

They also had very good prices on baby clothes. Most of the places around here want a buck to three bucks per article of baby clothes. Come on. Baby clothes use about 10% of the fabric that adult clothes use, so why in the world are they priced so high?

That’s what I never got about bikini swimsuits. They use up, what, like 1/4 of a yard of fabric, yet they command such high prices?!

Anyway, at the first Salvation Army I went to, the baby clothes were mostly 69c – 99c, plus half off on top of it. Cha-ching! Unfortunately, the pricers at the second Salvation Army suffer from greediness and had their clothes priced more like $1.99 or $2.99. We walked out of that one with nothing. (The fact that my son was screaming had something to do with that though. Luckily, the other customers thought he was cute and did not give me evil stares of death).

Today is the final installment of the thrifty three-part-series from Wednesday. Today we will focus on everything that is left, which is the baby stuff. If you don’t give a hoot about babies, you can close your browser now. Fair warning.

The most interesting thing in this shot is the 99c bedskirt (although it might be a tie with “The Flea’s Sneeze,” a story about a flea who passes his illness around the barnyard). Normally on the tag I can find the size of mattress it fits, but this one didn’t say. It looked to me like a crib sized bedskirt. If not, I think I can sew it to make it work. Joel’s crib is one of those convertible ones that will turn into a toddler bed, so he’ll still need a crib sized bedskirt for his Wild West Cowboy room. I like that this one is two shades of blue with red gingham. The walls in the spare bedroom (which will be his toddler bedroom) are red and beige, so it should go well in there.

Lotsa clothes! Won’t it be fun to dress up little Joel in this suit? I’ll take lots of pictures, I promise.

Here’s a brand-new-in-the-box Monkey mirror for the car, a fish towel (59c) which I am going to make into a toddler bib, modeled after the NY Rangers Bib I did a few weeks ago; a boppy cover (99c), and two 11x17 mats (99c).

And last but not least, a shield which is meant to hang on the wall but will instead be a toy for Joel. I’ll have to take off the picture hanger on the back and add a drawer pull for his hand to hold on to, and then sew him something with this fabric (from a few weeks ago). Then my little man, toting thrift store finds, will feel like a knight in shining armor!


  1. Wow, I want your good will! Ours has muuuch higher prices & mostly dollar store buy outs & junky stuff.

  2. Yep, those were definitely some good finds! I love the idea of adding the drawer pull to the shield so he can actually play with it! We can dress up like renaissance women and he can protect us :)