Monday, February 1, 2010

The Best Day. EVER.

Ok, so let me begin by saying how rad I think this 90 minute boy's shirt is! (What do you mean no one says "rad" anymore?) But once again, to finish out the raw edges, you need a serger. Boo hiss.

But alas! I checked craigslist, found a Singer serger, still new with the books and everything, originally 300 but being sold for 175! I am so on it! She said it's still available so hopefully I can make the 45 minute trek tomorrow to go get it. I don't suppose this counts as an "emergency day" at work, does it? I'm a teacher, so I'm not allowed to take days off unless I'm sick or have an emergency. Emergencies really are in the eye of the beholder, right?

So then I get another piece of great news! Robyn, over at Our Homeschool Home sent me an email letting me know that I won her giveaway! Woot, woot! I will be winning a very lovely Valentine's Day onesie, which is so fitting since my son will be turning one year old this Valentine's Day. Thank you Robyn; you've made my day!!

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  1. That giveaway you won is perfect! I can't believe Joel is going to be one! Great way to celebrate Valentine's day :)

    Oh and I do consider an incredible deal on sewing equipment an EMERGENCY! hehe