Friday, February 5, 2010

Celebrate the Boy, Y'all! T-shirt Recons

Last summer I thrifted some adult male tees that I planned to recon. I made several pairs of t-shirt pants awhile ago that I blogged about here, but then saved the rest of the tees for when he was a little older.

Guess what? He's older. He turns one in just over a week! My baby is becoming... a toddler! *chews fingernails while eyes dart around nervously*

I decided to make him some shorts outfits for this coming summer. Nothing takes the winter blues away like sewing up some t-shirts and shorts! They're not done, mind you, but I figured I'd photograph and post them now since I don't plan on finishing them until this summer. They're not hemmed, and there's no elastic in the pants. I'll wait until summer when I know exactly how tall he is.

My favorite one! Is this not the greatest t-shirt, or what?

Even though the little king fu fighter on this shirt is awesome, this one was a pain in the @ss to sew. I screwed up the collar. Twice. I also had to piece together the shorts because I was running out of fabric, so there's a strange horizontal seam going across on the butt cheeks. *Sigh*

A shirt celebrating Mommy :)

And one for daddy. Can you imagine this shirt being worn by a full-grown adult? Me either. But it was an adult shirt, I swear!

This one needs fixed once I get my serger. The bottom of the shirt came out pretty wonky. Wonkiness aside, I think it will be a nice outfit for July 4th, don't you think?

Try to contain yourself. I'm going to give you the most ghetto of all tutorials. Here it is. Enjoy!


  1. Goodness me! I wish I'd known about this when Little Buddy was an even smaller Little Buddy (Littler isn't a word, but I started to use it, then realized it would reflect poorly on the homeschooler in me).

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful design and sewing ability. I get inspired by you!

  2. Way cool. The ghetto tutorial instructions are perfectly clear. Those are some great recons. I love the Mom Shuttle service!

    Thanks for the comment on my pizzas. I think I know the jingle to the pizza game you are talking about. "Party! Pizza Party!"