Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I won! I won! I won!

I won my first three bloggy giveaways :) Yes, you read that right. I won three giveaways in the past couple weeks! I already blogged about winning the Valentines Day shirt from Robyn over at Our Homeschool Home.

My second giveaway win was a Wilton heart shaped cake pan by TidyMom and Lucky Leaf pie filling! Just in time for Valentine's Day! We washed it and used it right away. When I was making cupcakes for my son's birthday party, I used up some of the batter for a special Valentine's Cake for my husband and me. I frosted it with whipped cream and added a layer of pie filling on top. Mmmm! (Sorry I didn't take any photos. We dove into the thing too quickly).

For my third and final win, I actually came in second, but since numero uno didn't claim her prize, I won! A huge thank-you goes out to Jennifer at naughtysecretaryclub for hosting the giveaway.

It's a book about wallpaper crafts which is totally up my alley. So up-my-alley in fact, that I was already in the middle of several wallpaper crafts when she wrote me to tell me that I won! (More on that tomorrow. Or sometime this week. Or whenever I get around to it).

Here are some great ideas from the book that I hope to make someday: make some picture frame mats, cover up those old ugly tv trays, spruce up those cardboard letters you can get at Joanns (we actually have some of these from our wedding), make a belt buckle more purdy, and make a cool clock!

My mother-in-law would SO LOVE this clock. I think I'll have to get the ole jig saw out, use up some scrap plywood in the garage, and make one of these!

A huge thank you to all the giveaway-ers! Last week will forever go down in history as my luckiest week of all time :)

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  1. Congratulations on all your prizes! Love the new layout and header picture. :)