Monday, February 15, 2010

Son. One. Fun. Done.

I have a son.
My son is one.
I love my little son who's one.
We had a party and had some fun.
But now the fun is over and done!

Hand-me-down dress shirt, 30c thrifted tie, and 50c thrifted black dress pants. Love it!

The shirt and tie came off, and the clearance bib went on.

Making my fish face.

I saved money by making his cake (in a little thrifted cake pan I might add!) The candle has been sitting around for ages. I actually bought it for T-1's son when he was turning one, and I do believe he's five now. We never did use it, and so I figured we'd use it for Joel. Too bad I broke the foot off and was trying to melt him back together. It worked. Kind of.

Thrifted sippy cup for 19c!

Clearance napkins :) I paid full price for the cupcake liners though (75c I think). Boo!

Clearance party hat from either Joanns or Michaels. It's made of foam, so it's the kind you keep and reuse! I originally bought it thinking it would make a cute wizard hat for the dress up bin.

A thrifted number one (19c) on a quilt I made from scraps. I do love me some scraps!

Speaking of scraps, I made that banner too. My family oohed and ahhed over it. Well, not really. They're not the crafty types. They were like, "I would have just bought one at the store."

Cupcakes with junk mail security envelope flags on a thrifted blue tablecloth.

90c thrifted mobile, new in package :)

$1 thrifted Gap 12-24 months winter hat, still new with tags!! I gave it to him as one of his birthday gifts. I think it's a little big :)

Thrifted balloons. A brand spankin' new pack of 72 balloons for 90c. I don't know how much balloons cost, so I hope this was a good deal.

Thrifted loot bags, new in package. 59c I think. I sent people home with cupcakes :)

Five hard plastic signs, all thrifted, new in package, for 90c. These are very durable and can even be used outdoors with metal sign stakes.

Happy Birthday, little stinkpot! Here's to 99 more :)


  1. I hope he had a wonderful first birthday. It looks like you both enjoyed a great deal. Those first birthdays are fun and stressful!