Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boys and Dryer Sheets! A Beautiful Combination

I must have jinxed myself. I was joking around yesterday about rushing out to get my serger off of craigslist rather than going to work, and then this morning I woke up with a K.I.L.L.E.R. sore throat. Since my job as a teacher entails me talking non-stop for about seven hours, I decided to not go in today. Hmpf. Maybe hubby will make the 45 minute drive to get my serger. I always feel bad about going places when I take a sick day because "if you're too sick to go to school, then you're too sick to go outside and play!" (Thanks, mom).

But in other news, how about boy's month, eh?! I'm so excited I can't quit talking about it to anyone who will listen! (Except right now I am saving my voice so I can't really talk but you know what I mean). Since I'm just laying around, sick in bed, eating bon-bons a salad, I figured I'd catch up on reading some blogs. And then I found this. It was love at first sight. It's a tute for making a boy's shirt out of a men's button up shirt!

Too bad it calls for interfacing for the collar, however I won't be buying that. I'm too much of a tight wad. I think I'll try it using used dryer sheets instead. That should work, don't you think? Has anyone ever tried it?

I was googling it when I found this handy dandy way to make applique. I have to try it asap! Basically, you sew whatever you're appliquing right sides together with a dryer sheet. Not that a dryer sheet has a right side. Then you trim the dryer sheet and make a slit in it, turn right side out, press, and voila!

Now excuse me while I go dig through my laundry room trash looking for old dryer sheets make myself another salad.

P.S. Dryer sheets as swiffer replacements?! Rock on!

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  1. wow! Thank you! You can get these so cheap at the dollar store! We do not use them but I dont mind buying a box for $1~ Thanks! Very cute blog! I am a new follower!

    Melissa from Home Grown Families