Friday, February 19, 2010

Wallpaper Crafting

I promised you that I would show you my wallpaper crafts that I've been working on. Here you go!

I thrifted these magazine holders (for 59c apiece I think) a long time ago and just had them laying around, unused, not sure what to do with them.

I finally decided the route I wanted to go with them: Decoupage them with boyish wallpaper samples (freebies) and put it in Joel's room. Here they are mid-completion. I still have some touching up to do and some more modpodging to do. (Is "modpodge" a verb?)

This one started out life as a blue magazine holder, however since I had three blue and one green, I decided to spray paint one of the blue ones a different color.

Some of the papers didn't lie flat and got wrinkly.
Any suggestions on how to prevent this?

A cute construction scene.

Here's a project that was also a wallpaper craft, made by me a few months ago. This was a wonderful thrifted wooden dollhouse (can you say score at $1.91) but it needed some TLC. It was red, and I wanted to go blue. I painted it, decoupaged on some wallpaper, and voila! At a garage sale, I found two construction guys action figures for a dollar, still new in the package, to go with it :)

I'm lovin' this brick wallpaper!

To make the doll house a little more boyish, I added a firetruck scene to the back. That, and I ran out of the brick wallpaper. Remember, I'm just using free samples from wallpaper books :)

And last but not least, *drumroll* ... here's the barn!
It has a fresh coat of red paint and some decoupaged wallpaper cut-outs.

I used my scrapbooking supplies to cut out pretty shapes.

As you can see, my husband has not yet fixed the sliding doors to hide the messy bottom.
I think he needs a swift kick in the butt, don't you?

And just for a comparison, here's the barn before the fresh coat of red paint. It probably hadn't been painted since my dad was a child, about fifty years ago. It was looking pretty tired, wasn't it? Speaking of tired, I think it's somebody's nap time :)


  1. Those magazine holders look great, and that dollhouse looks fantastic! That's a score and a half at $1.91! The barn has made a dramatic transformation too.

  2. WOW, WOW & WOW!!!
    Lovin' the red magazine holder, the ladybird wallpaper and the barn.
    Have been watching the barn reno for some time and it is looking awesome - well done.
    And here is the butt kick for your DH!

  3. Those all look AWESOME! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 14 friends-WOW!! That's a lot of babies coming your way. :D