Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thrift, Thrift, Everything is Thrift!

That was to the tune of "Signs, signs, everywhere are signs," just in case you were wondering.

I took this photo the other day, and then I realized just about everything in this photo was thrifted.

The bottle? Yep. (But not the nipples- those were Meijer clearance for 40c for a two-pack). The rug? Yep (Six or seven bucks). The shirt and jeans? Yep. (And the shirt was still new with tags!).

Woot, woot! I love thrifting. I just can't stay away. The other night I dropped off hubby and baby at his parent's house, and then I went to Walmart to get a new snow shovel. (Don't hate me because I went to Walmart. I know they're evil, but it's close. And cheap. And is all there is on the south side of Columbus near my in-laws' house. And near a thrift store). Hubby broke our other snow shovel- the one I got back in college when our Kmart was going out of business. We needed a snow shovel pronto, because did you see our weather forecast for Ohio? It ain't pretty.

Needless to say, I snuck over to the thrift store for a few minutes and picked up two pairs of toddler jeans. There was a pair of Old Navy jeans for 50c, and a pair of... drum roll please... Guess jeans for a whopping quarter! I'm not usually one to go drooling over a label, however how could I pass up Guess jeans for 25c. The back pocket is adorable :)

Stay warm!


  1. I agree BOO on the walmart, but yay on the sneak-a-thrift! ha ha

  2. Aww! Such a cutie! I love thrifting too and nearly everything we own is secondhand. :)