Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Cemetery and Pork Chop Side Burns

May I just say that My Trendy Tykes, you're the best :) There's always cool things to do over at her blog. The other day she posted about Mama Kat's writing assignments. I can't get the link to open but maybe you'll have better luck.

Anyway, the assignment is to find a February photo from a previous year and tell a story about it. Wheee! Here we go!

So if you didn't already think I'm a freak...

Here's my random February photo. It was taken back in 2007. My husband and I had just met about two weeks before, and we were already taking our first over night trip. Well, us and two of his buddies. We were going on a cemetery hunting adventure down in southern Ohio, to find this tombstone. This is the grave of Elizabeth Linn McMillen, my great-great-great-great-great grandmother. She passed away in 1832 and is buried in the Old Burying Ground, Greenfield, Ohio. I love that her tombstone says "Hirs was a sudden call. No farewell given." I wonder what she passed away from. So sad. I hope she did not suffer. I know fire was one of the leading killers of women back in the day because their dresses would catch fire while cooking :( You can't see it in this photo, but her husband, who died in 1843, is buried next to her. His crypt is all busted up.

The super cool part is that my hubby's friend is an honest-to-goodness psychic and medium. He asked me if I wanted to know what William, Elizabeth's husband, looked like. Obviously I said yes! He said that he was not an attractive man with large "pork chop" styled sideburns. Hmm. I would love to find a photograph of him, but since they lived so long ago, I'm sure that will never happen!

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