Thursday, June 19, 2008

B&W Grave Art

Ok, some people are going to think I'm totally weird, however statues atop some graves (the rich people's graves, that is) are just absolutely beautiful. Jason and I just got back from our mini-vacation where we visited the cemeteries of my ancestors. None of these graves are anyone I know or am related to, however they were just too beautiful to pass up.

This bunny rabbit angel right here is absolutely the most beautiful tombstone I've ever seen in my life. I hope I never have to use one, however, because bunnies (and more commonly lambs) are for the graves of the young.

I promise that I won't post too many of these pics, however I have a folder of seventeen statue photographs that Jason and I took that I want to frame and hang somewhere in the house. I'm trying to decide exactly where would be the best place. I have extra room in the sewing room, however the border in the sewing room is garden-y. "Tombstone meets potting shed" isn't exactly what I had in mind. What I envision is a long hallway filled with a row of black framed statue photos... too bad this small house doesn't have a long hallway. I'll have to keep thinking about where to place these. In the meantime, I'll be on the lookout for frames and mats. Anyway, enjoy (or scroll down to get to the next blog, if that be the case!

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  1. It's funny you ask about becoming a Buckeye because it connects to cemeteries. My dad's from Canton so I'm a Buckeye through genes. One of the things he always talks about is the difference between cemeteries back east and the ones here in the Southwest. Back east they are just older and seem to have so much more character. These pictures really seem to prove it.