Friday, June 13, 2008

Vintage tin canisters & and Eyeless Chicken

More second-hand finds, coming right up! These vintage canisters I've picked up at garage sales. None of them match, and that's exactly how I like it! Right now they're empty, but soon enough they'll be storing little things like batteries or change.

I love these little canisters. I want to fill them up with little bobbins, because I need to get some more and they will need a place to live.

These metal boxes came from various garage sales. The blue one I just got a few weeks ago. I think my friend thought I was crazy when I got it (for one dollar I might add) but after she saw how it fit in, she changed her mind. I did a little research, and the Johnson & Johnson product had something to do with dairy farming. Not what I would have expected, that's for sure.

What does this have to do with canisters? Absolutely nothing. My grandma gave me this vintage chicken, but its eyes must have fallen off at some point.

1 comment:

  1. Love the canisters! I have a bunch of old poporn tins, I use them to store rice and chips in the pantry. You've got a great collection!