Thursday, June 19, 2008


This past week was spent on a mini-vacation. We went to podunk Indiana and visited some cemeteries of my ancestors, the Cass and Miami county courthouses, and the local libraries to look up obituaries. That might not sound like your vacation, but it suits us well! Our first hotel was right across the street from a goodwill. I secretly wanted to go in, however, that was not what we came for, so I didn't mention it. We did stop on the drive over at a rummage sale at this old music hall on Rt 33, but I didn't get anything. I almost got two things, but no one was around to ask prices or give the money to, so I figured that was a sign from above that I didn't really need the stuff. One was a vintage, green-handled apple peeler, and the other was, well I'm not sure. It was an old rusty something-or-other that looked like an antique bunsen burner (with two burners) with pretty metal scrollwork and legs, and it had knobs on it like an outside water spigot, but I think it was probably for gas or something. Anyway, I thought it would make a neat footrest because it was the right height and size. Oh well.

So anyway, here I was staring at this goodwill everytime we drove by, wondering what trash-to-treasures might be waiting for me inside. Instead, I got on the internet and read other people's blogs about their thrifting discoveries, thinking that might tide me over. Um, not so much. That just fueled the fire. When we got to our second destination, I looked online to see if there were any thrift stores near by, and to my great relief, there was two!

I told my husband I just had to go one, and he told me just to go ahead and go to both, but not to buy any chairs. Ok, it's a deal! So below are the goodies I uncovered. I actually went two days in a row because the first day I almost got the pattern below but didn't, and so the second day I went back for it, and also got twelve more dollars worth of stuff.

(From the top left) The adorable doggie I had growing up, $3. A tapestry hanger which will be perfect for the Crawford County, Ohio tapestry I have just sitting around waiting to be hung up, 50c. A Simplicity pattern for an apron, curtains, toaster cozy, place mats, potholders, etc., 50c. A small angel ceiling fan pull, because I needed one very badly in the sewing room, 50c. Two cardinal prints with ugly frames, but not to worry because I gave them a fresh coat of leftover off-white paint, and they look much better! I have the perfect place for them in the sunroom, which has a birds and blooms theme, 50c each. A clown head, perfect for making a small clown doll. You might not know this, but Miami County, IN (one of the places we visited this week) is the circus capital of the world. How appropriate that I would find a clown head! 29c. And finally, a brand-new metal firefighter sign, for Jason of course. He loves firetrucks. $3.

Other items not seen in the previous picture: brand new handbag handles from JoAnns, originally five dollars; I got them for a buck. A pile of foam, 50c or a dollar... I forget. A little stack of plastic letters, good for some craft along the way, 29c. A wire wreath frame, which I plan on spray painting orange (I have the perfect pumpkiny color of spray paint already purchased... waiting in the basement for a few years... I hope it's still good). Then I can wire on those little terra cotta pots as I accumulate more and more of them, 50c. A spool of orange and black ribbon, $1. I could use this on the terra cotta pot wreath if I end up using it inside. If it's left outside on the gate, I would not want to use the ribbon as it would get ruined.

Last but not least, I got one of those large candy containers I've been wanting for awhile, $3. A wooden jewelry box with a floral painted lid, $2. Unfortunately, the mirror inside was gone, but luckily, just moments before, I saw this heart shaped mirror at the thrift store for fifty cents. Everything just fell into place with that one!

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