Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Hate Gardening

That's right. Someone who's as frugal and eco-friendly as me, well you would think that I enjoy gardening. Growing your own foods so you don't have to rely on pre-packaged veges at the grocery store, that sounds like a "reducing" from the 3Rs if you ask me. Well the only thing I am growing is clover in the yard so I can feed it to my rabbit. And even that is a weed.

Notice the thistle weed on the right side of the picture and the baby redbud tree sapling on the left. That darn tree is always dropping its babies everywhere. I've never seen such an invasive tree before. It such a pain to go dig them up all the time. Oh well; at least it is pretty in the spring. I guess that makes it all worth it.

My husband is in charge of mowing, and I am supposed to be in charge of weeding the flower beds. It's a running joke around here that I am systematically eliminating the flower beds by turning them back into grass. The side of the house has a flower bed that used to be full of perrenials (which I do love the look of) but lately it's just been home to thistle weeds. I plowed it under, planted grass seed, and it is no longer my problem. Next job to tackles is the ginormous flower beds in the back yard that go around two sides of the sunroom. I always thought it would be nice to plant veges there, however it never happened. The only thing that grows there these days are weeds. That's right folks, I am a horrible gardener. I don't like the heat nor do I like the sun, and so being outside to pull weeds is utter torture.

This is about as close to gardening as I care to be-- sitting in the living room looking at pretty pictures from my favorite decorating magazines.

I do a little container gardening. I had an aloe plant, which I mistakenly thought might like to live in the sunroom. Oops. It's almost dead now. I also have a plant on the kitchen windowsill that's in pretty sad shape. I guess I lack the gene that causes the condition known as "green thumb." My aunt got all those genes.

I do like the look of terra cotta pots. I saw once in a magazine where they took the itty bitty ones and wired them together to form a wreath, which they hung on their gate. It was the most adorable thing I ever saw, not to mention a good way to repurpose something! I grab the little clay pots at garage sales whenever I see them, however so far I have not collected too many, so I can't make my wreath just yet.

In the meantime, here are two ladies who have made a version of the terra cotta wreath. I especially like the first one because it's a little bit fuller with more pots on it.

When you visit her site, you'll see that this woman is really into gardening.
She has such fun, funky, and recycle-minded ideas!

This site isn't oriented toward gardening, but instead on Trash to Treasure. This is one of my favorite past times-- taking what someone else thinks is junk and revamping it into something beautiful and/or useful!

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