Friday, June 13, 2008

Let's eat up the Potato Chips

As any crafter knows, this hobby can quickly grow to be a monster with unfinished jobs here and there. I should make myself a New Years Resolution next January to finish up some of the unfinished projects laying around before starting anymore. I have a quilt from YEARS ago that still needs finished. I also have several handbags awaiting completion. Five to be exact. So why, you ask, am I about to blog about yet another project that I want to start? Because I'm an addict, that's why.

Here is one of the bags I started to make last night even though there were already three other bags waiting to be finished.

And here's the other one I started last night. It will say "coffee" when it's all appliqued. I just learned how to applique and so it takes me forever. I was worn out after appliquing the coffee cup, the O, and the F so I stopped and started the boot bag. Sounds logical, doesn't it?

And here's one more that I haven't started cutting yet, but I like the combination of fabrics, so it will most likely be next:

Potato Chip bags (or newspapers, magazines, candy wrappers, bird seed bags, etc) can make quite a lovely, eco-friendly handbag. I need to get my husband to hurry up and eat these chips so I can have yet another project to work on.

Here are some links and tutorials for making bags out of wrappers you would normally just throw away:

So now all we have to do is eat up the potato chips so I can empty these bags out! We really don't eat a lot of chips; these were from a get-together we had a few weeks ago. I bought two more bags of chips to take with us on our mini-vacation (we leave in two days, yippee!). Well I mainly bought them so I could have more empty chip bags upon our return. Perhaps I'll make a casserole with crushed chips on top to use up these two almost-empty bags of chips before we leave for Indiana.

This started out as being a woven magazine handbag, however afterwards I realized I made the base about twice as wide as it should have been to make a good-sized bag. Instead, it looks more like a trash can or something.

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